Castle Clash

Castle Clash Review

Are you looking for an online game which has more actions scenes in it than you can even you think of? Maybe you want a game that will keep you captivated and glued to your screen. Well I can tell you for sure I have found mine and you too are moving towards that direction if you stick with me in this post.

Now I know you must be wondering what game am talking about, it is none other than Castle Clash. I’m sure you must have heard of it and if not yet then you just heard about it now from me. Now just like the name suggest the game is all about battlefields.

So anyone who is an action game lover will definitely love this game since you will be the one controlling the wars in the game which is a very satisfying feeling.

What is Castle Clash about?

Being a combat game, you can expect to deliver on its promise of being epic. The game entails you being in an arena and battling your opponents to find out who is the better fighter. It is more of a contest where you keep fighting new opponents in the arena until you are crowned the warlord. An important aspect of how this game operates is that you are fully in control of the game.

This means that the performance of the fighters and heroes you choose is solely in your control. Now with so much control of Castle Clash, you will agree with me that only those with the best strategies will survive. This is practically what makes it interesting. You will have to come up with your own unique plans on how to defeat your opponent if you are to succeed in your quest. You can for example use one of the available online Castle Clash hack to give you an advantage over other players.

Amazing features to watch in the game

The player is given the chance to start and build up his empire. The more you defeat your opponents the more your empire grows. The game is simply about building a formidable empire which your opponents cannot penetrate into. The most amazing feature I found in this game is that you get the chance to form your own army where you get to choose who joins your army and who doesn’t.

Before you settle on which heroes, as they are referred to in the game, the game offers you the opportunity to test that heroes ability. I loved this feature since you will not choose a hero to fight for you whom you have no idea of the skills he possesses.

Castle Clash

Wait a minute I almost forgot to mention the game’s interface. No how could I forget such an amazing feature of the game. The Castle Clash’s interface makes the game a whole lot more entertaining and appealing. This is probably because it feels like you are actually in the battle field at that time when playing it. Of course this is what every player wants in such an action game.

You should however know that since it is an online game, Castle Clash cannot be played when offline. That is just the only demerit that I could come up with about this game although it is not really a demerit since it also classifies itself as an online game.

Boom Beach

Boom Beach Review

Boom Beach is a game based on the elements of strategy and combat, in which the player is engrossed in battle against an evil nemesis. Launched by game development company Supercell, players can lead their armed forces towards the serene islands that have been taken over by the enemy.

In the process, an epic battle between the forces of good and evil unfolds, as players race to discover the ancient mysteries that surround the beautiful islands. Available on Google Play and the App Store, this game requires a reliable internet connection to download and play.

Boom Beach

Boom Beach Objectives

In essence, there are two basic objectives for which an eager gamer must keep in mind. To begin with, of relative importance is the shielding and continuous surveillance of one’s own headquarters, which need to be heavily guarded due to the constant threat of enemy invaders. Although this may seem extremely meticulous, the task is made bearable through the help of various mines that function as bombs to prevent the enemy from progressing towards home base with ease.

In addition to this, player can purchase an assortment of defensive structures, and by placing these in the most strategic of positions, it allows the player to target invaders with impeccable ease. Secondly, and most importantly, players must forge a powerful and resilient army that has the necessary quality to obliterate the headquarters of the enemy.

Battle Mode

Within Boom Beach hack, all the jaw-dropping action takes place on the battlefield, as a player can choose to dispatch landing vessels in particular areas at his or her own volition. Furthermore, players will have gunships at the control of their fingertips that can be used to blast missiles at enemy structures, for healing badly wounded troops who are in critical condition, together with being able to direct troops through the humongous tropical island that is fraught with danger and treasure.

Thoughts And Opinions

The creators of the game, Supercell, managed to incorporate an excellent diamond system. In exchange for human currency (real money), players can receive a set of valuable diamonds in-game which can be used to obtain building resources and what not, which, consequently, spurs the game forward as time is spared upgrading buildings individually.

This feature is also a very useful money-making tool, since the prices of these diamonds rise exponentially with each level that the player manages to complete successfully. Very innovative to say the least!

On the downside, however, is that this game lacks a common purpose. First off, this is partly due to the time consuming development and upgrading of various infrastructure and the accompanying building units, which unfortunately, can only be completed one step at a time.

More so, the frequency of breathtaking and highly dramatic battles with the enemy is few and far between, as the player is mostly engaged in claiming a few villages and fighting with ‘the small fish in the sea’, which will obviously not mean having to take on hundreds of well trained enemy soldiers!

Ultimately, Boom Beach tends to reward those with a keen eye for detail and a patient approach, as those who rush into battles without any guile and craft are bound to be humbled by the enemy.

Hay Day

Farming is making a comeback with the popular video game known as Hay Day. Developer Supercell created this title in 2013 and now it is available on different platforms such as apps and social media sites and it can also be downloaded for direct play on computers. You can also utilize the free Hay Day cheats, which are available online.

Hay Day Plot

When farmer Uncle Greg is ready to retire he decides to call up someone (the player) to take over his business. Now that the player has control of their new operation they have to learn how to make it prosperous.

Hay Day Gameplay

The game begins with a helpful tutorial from a scarecrow that shows players how to grow crops, set up shops and sell goods. Players will learn the in and outs of the farming business from the scarecrow and they have to pay close attention to what he is telling them about the game.

Since the main objective of the game is to make a profit and to expand the farm, players will need to learn how to maximize their profit earning potential. They can do this in a number of different ways such as planting more crops, opening more markets and creating specialty products to sell to consumers.

The Farming Town

As the game progresses players will be able to open u a farming town that comes complete with shops, restaurants and a transportation system for moving products in and out of their farming area. They will also have spas, grocery stores and a local cinema for people to hang out and watch movies. This town will attract more visitors and help a player to create a huge farming empire.

Players will also learn how to produce their products at a rapid pace because once they master this skill they will then be able to quickly fill orders. They will also be able to get more orders from customers.

Hay Day

Chat Features

Hay Day has a chat feature which allows players to trade and sell products with one another. They can even join forces to help each other to create large farming monopolies. Players can even upgrade equipment through the chat feature.

Trade Routes

Players can establish shipping routes over land and sea. They can set up truck routes to move their raw materials and goods or they can transport them through a fleet of boats. Establishing trade routes is important because it will allow players to connect with distant markets which will increase their financial output. The game also comes with a fishing pond, pets, animals and updates. There are a lot of special features and hidden surprises in the game as well.

Hay Day is free to play but there are also in-app purchases which will help players to quickly advance through the levels. People can turn off this feature so it will not become a problem with spending. Players will be able to compete against each other on leader boards. Also, Supercell is forever expanding and updating content which means that players will never reach a level where they can longer play.

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans Review

Clash of Clans

When it comes to games on your mobile devices, there are ton to choose from. Most farming style games that involve building and gathering resources can get boring after a while when all you seem to do is the same thing over and over again. Sure the building might be different, but nothing really changes.

When it comes to battle games, beginners often get destroyed by those that have been playing for a while to the point that it is no longer fun to play the game. When a company finally puts the two of them together it will become a game that is definitely worth your time as well as your megabytes.

Well it has been on the market for a while but Clash of Clans is the perfect game that takes building and battling and puts them together. Even a beginner can succeed in battles against other players as you get more choices as to who you fight. So when you want to fight another player and think there is no way you could possibly win with what you have, you can go to the next village and see what they have.

While winning a battle gets you more resources it also earns you trophies which give you better bonuses. You could lose trophies if you lose the battle though. However even if you lose trophies you could get away with a lot of loot which might be what you need to build more. Using a Clash of Clans hack might help you to get Clash of Clans gems!

Clash of Clans Gameplay

Clash of Clans allows you the freedom to build your army and your village any way you want. You can upgrade every building in the game so long as you have the resources to do it. And you can collect your resources from your own buildings or fighting other players.

If you want to battle goblins only on a different adventure you can do that and not risk retaliation from other players. You can even upgrade your army troops to make them stronger and give them more health.

Build a strong defense to keep other players from taking your village down and you trophies that way as well. If you want to speed things up, you can use gems which can be found by getting rid of unwanted bushes and logs on your property or by purchasing them.

Plus Clash of Clans has an achievement level with many tasks that will earn you more gems. The gems can also be used to get more resources or purchase more builders so you raise your level faster. The game is not set by leveling but rather by what you choose to accomplish which gives you more options than most games in either genre.

There is a warning that everyone must know about Clash of Clans though. This game is highly addictive and once you start playing you will be constantly checking your village for raids, and resources. To save you from doing that, the game can alert you when building is done, troops are ready, spells are ready, and resources are ready to collect.